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Are you ready for adventure? Here’s six unique, exotic vacations that will expand your mind and life!

Egypt Nile River Cruise

Royal Clipper Cruise


Travels with Janine

… see the world with an Adventuress!

Do you crave travel adventures off the beaten path?

Immerse yourself in beautiful destinations, and become connected to a heartfelt tribe of travelers…

Come play and explore!

Fall in love with local cuisines and marketplaces.  Explore natural and man made wonders. Learn new constellations far from home. You can swim, hike, sail, dive and climb. Yoga is always available.  

Or stroll, take photos and enjoy spa. All levels of activity are celebrated! 

Discover your dream trip.

Janine is a travel poet and a blue water sailor who has enjoyed 110+ countries. 

Find out that talking a “trip of a lifetime” is something you can repeat again and again… 


6 Unique, Exotic Vacation Ideas that will expand your mind and your life!


Hey traveler!

Are you ready for adventure? Here’s six unique, exotic vacations that will expand your mind and life!

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Upcoming Adventures

Sailing Adventures, River Cruises and More…

Janine & Mimi Royal Clipper Cruise 

August 13, 2022

Sailing adventure on the Royal Clipper to Croatia, Dalmation coast and Montenegro, disembarking in Venice, Italy

Janine & Mimi Star Clipper Cruise 

August 20, 2022

Sailing adventure on the Star Clipper around the Amalfi Coast and Sicily disembarking in Civitavecchia, Italy

Magellan Project

Blue Water Sailing Adventure

The Magellan Project will retrace the circumnavigation route, on a modern boat with world-class blue water sailors and modern navigation and communication equipment.

Champagne with Daughter
Pirate party between Java and Bali
Bow Of Clipper Ship
Clipper ship off Martinique
Scuba Diving
Diving in the Flores Sea
The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island
Persian Gulf camel ride with friends
ancient Vedic sculptures in India
Champagne Mountain
Delivered by Heli to a glacier party
Middle East
Manic desert drive in Qatar
Prince William Sound Wilderness yoga
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On the Nile River in Egypt
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People Talk

Here’s what they are saying…

“I’ve known Janine for 10 years and we’ve traveled together to several amazing destinations.. An Alaska road trip, Croatian cruise, California road tripping, a sailing adventure from Bali through Indonesia, and fun times in New Orleans. Each journey has been a fun and amazing adventure, filled with opportunities to be active while exploring special sights and the culture at each destination. I look forward to many more traveling opportunities with Janine. Anyone joining can be assured of a unique adventure.”

Suzanne S

New Orleans, LA

“My daughter and I cruised in Croatia with Janine and a lovely collection of her friends and clients. We shared fresh Mediterranean food with new friends, swam in crystal clear water and wandered the cobblestone streets…. I had daydreamed of the possibility of taking a private custom cruise in the Adriatic Sea, but Janine made it a dreamy reality! An unforgettable adventure!”

Patty and Sophia

Austin, TX

“Three summers ago we cruised the Mediterranean on a yacht run by Janine’s Croatian friend. Daily swims in beautiful clear water, plus time ashore to hike to Medieval ruins and ride bikes. A couple ports had artsy shopping for gifts. When we got off the boat, Janine and I took the train to Zagreb and Ljubljana, Slovenia for more exploring. We loved the local food, wine and twisted cobblestone streets-hiking around Lake Bled and the castle was great too! Looking forward to seeing some of those folks on other trips this summer.”

Mike C

Anchorage, AK

“What a great vacation- so much variety! Janine and I and her crew enjoyed yoga and spa treatments at a remote and spectacular setting in Indonesia, followed by hikes around the 9th century ruins of Borabadur. I love mixing spa and Nat Geo! Another time our group jumped in jeeps for a tour, then rode ponies across a lava field, then climbed straight up the side of a volcano to peer into the active, bubbling caldron. Oh, and there’s always some kind of epic and unusual shopping experience. Can’t wait to go again!”

Marty S

 Lake Worth, FL

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Travels with Janine